Other Tales

From contemporary tales to the distant future, fantasy, paranormal, or every day life, these are individual stories that stand alone.

Christmas With Sarah


Wealthy Silicon Valley entrepreneur Greg Wilcox and his daughter Sarah both think Molly would be the perfect addition to their family, but they have to convince her of it first. Trouble is, Molly doesn’t want a man in her life as shiftless as Greg seems to be, especially as he stirs something in her that she isn’t sure she wants resurrected. When Sarah catches a cold just before Christmas that gives Greg the excuse to get Molly into his home to watch his daughter. Now if only he can keep her there.  


Imperfect Judgment

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To save his sister and people, Diam was told to drive away the newcomers to his planet Gallia. But then he meets and falls in love with Justina, the new colonists' doctor. Now the pair must convince his people that both colonies can work together to solve their mutual problem of survival.



Reyna was doing fine on her asteroid claim until Steel showed up to be her partner. Now they both have a lot to hide.


Lady’s Choice


In a futuristic time Zelion warriors Gehon and Jackon have found their perfect match, the woman to marry and bear them children... unfortunately, it's the same woman for both of them.


The Lizard’s Tail

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A collection of contemporary romance stories including The Lizard's TailThe Woman Who Couldn't Say No, Cupid's Last Arrow, The Great Hamster Hunt, and Just A Little Christmas.



Dina wishes she could remember why she came to be with Gall, the handsome prince who pulled her in out of the rain and into his bed. Unfortunately when her memories return it might separate them forever.


Reflecting The Future


John Forge, station chief of a Martian mining colony, is in love with his morale officer, Suzie Shelty, who is looking to introduce the station to the first Christmas holiday on Mars. With a little holiday magic, he just might get what he wants for Christmas - Suzie!

The Doll


A woman finds a highly detailed anatomically correct doll at a curio shop and on a whim buys it. But there is nothing whimsical about the invisible spirit that visits her that night and makes love to her.

Perfect Hero


Melissa has no idea what to do with the game character who climbed out of her monitor, professing to be her hero. Fortunately Bran has a few ideas of his own and they don't involve real swords.