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A medieval-styled fantasy world where sword-wielding heroes learn to love brave-hearted heroines with the help of Gillian D'Amanth, the goddess of hearth, home - and love!

Memories To Come

The first in the Memories Divine series, Memories To Come is about an honorable man who is given a chance to see what his life would have been like if he'd only stayed with the woman the goddess Gillian had picked out for him.

2005 More Than Magic Finalist

Memories Revised

Sequel to the award-winning Memories To Come, this book tells the other side of the story, from the heroine's point of view.

Memories Undone

The third story in the series deals with Captain Albinan and his long-estranged wife. Albinan had been surprised by what he'd seen of Remak and Talia's story but the goddess Gillian couldn't have anything similar planned for him. Or could she?

Free from Cricket!

Confined to a motorized box-like wheelchair, space station worker Ammi thinks a future with a young Gaian man is impossible.

Now free everywhere!

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