A partner is the last thing that synth and former pleasure slave Reyna wants on her asteroid belt prospecting claim, even one as sexy as Steel. She figures the man will quit when the work gets too hard but the claim is Steel’s means to freedom and he’s not about leave, particularly when he has a hot woman who doesn’t know he’s a synth sharing the work...and his bed.

The pair has everything in common - except the truth - so when all is revealed it could be the end of their partnership.

Or it could be the beginning.



Night Owl Reviews Five stars - Top PIck
I absolutely adored Cricket Starr’s PARTNERS. It was a sexy erotic Sci Fi read and had a lot of depth to a caste in society which is only considered good for one thing... I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of Science Fiction Erotic Romance.

As she expected, her visitor was waiting for her, leaning against the wall that faced the entrance to the room and what she saw of him nearly knocked her breath away. As she’d guessed from the size of his suit he was big and male…and oh stars, how very, very male he was.

Reyna took in the dark, short-cropped hair, lean well-favored features, and the way his black long-sleeved shirt clung to his arms, shoulders, and chest, especially his chest. His leggings clung tight too, outlining his thighs, and framing an impressive package, leaving no doubt as to size, shape, and interest. Definitely interest.

Reyna watched it stir before she realized she was staring and quickly cut back to look at his face. His eyes were beautiful and the expression in them was almost enough to make her forget about what she’d seen in his crotch.

For a moment she couldn’t tell what color his eyes were. They seemed to change from brown to green then to a near gold and the irises grew wide as she stepped towards him. Pure sensual interest was in them, and a knowing look…the look of a man who knows what he wants and already figures he’s going to get it.

Reyna had seen that look a hundred times in her past, a past she’d just as soon not be reminded of. Instantly irritation tempered some of her reaction to him.

But then she took a deep breath and caught his smell—all spice and something else, like sand on a beach. She took another deep breath and stepped back, shaking her head to clear it. Sand on a beach, when she’d not been on a planet with an ocean in how long? Where had that come from?

Closing her eyes, Reyna grappled for control over herself. She’d been in space way too long if she reacted this fast to a man.

Romantic Times Book Review: 4 Stars This well-crafted short futuristic novel has all the elements for success: handsome synthetically created male meets dust-covered synth female and is immediately attracted. Alas, he believes she’s a woman, setting up a fun and entertaining plot. Things get real steamy for these former pleasure slaves, and readers will enjoy their antics. - Donna M. Brown

The Romance Readers Connection: 4 rating PARTNERS is an interesting and fun read.  A very descriptive world has been set up here, especially considering the space constraints of this story.  Steel and Reyna have issues, though they learn to overcome detours that life has sent them.  This is a solid read if you like quick, light and science fiction stories.