One of six stories in Ellora's Cavemen: Dreams Of The Oasis III

Dina has no memory of who she is or why she landed in the prison garden of a nobleman — a nobleman with an unusual sexual problem. All she cares about is that she wants to be close to Gall and to help him.

But as her memories return, Dina discovers she is more than she seems, and that there much more to her purpose in being with the prince than giving him mind-blowing sex. The problem is her knowledge may separate her from the man she's come to love.



Winner of The Romance Studio's 2006 CAPA for Erotic Anthology

Gall stared down at the damp bundle of woman on the floor and wondered at what was going on in his life. During the past two years he’d had a total of barely a dozen visitors and certainly none like the unconscious woman at his feet.

Of everyone, he preferred the woman. Even soaking wet and with her silvery hair plastered to her scalp, she was still nicer to look at than the old men who made up his father’s council.

But nice as she was to look at she couldn’t stay where she was. Her body blocked the doorway and the rain was blowing in. Gall lifted her so he could shut the door.

She settled into his arms with a sweet sigh, as nice to hold as she was to look at. A bit small, but curvy. Very wet, though, particularly her hair and dress, which clung to both of them, and her skin felt like ice. A deep shiver ran through her and he clutched her closer.

Whoever she was she’d get sick if she stayed like this. He needed to get her warmed up and the heated bathing pool in his quarters would be the best cure for that. Gall hoisted her higher and headed that way.

She was still unconscious when he got her to the tub and that gave him pause. He couldn’t just put her in this way. He’d need to hold her head above water and it would be best to get in with her. Of course he couldn’t keep on his robe…

Get in the tub naked with a beautiful woman? What a darn shame that was!

A grin on his face, he slipped off his sandals and robe and stepped into the heated water, still holding his insensible bundle. Her gown was already soaked and would take no further harm.

He settled onto the tub’s seat and let her head rest against his shoulder. Her shivering gradually quieted, and after a moment her eyes opened. Gall startled at the look of them…like golden pools with a black iris in the middle, surrounded by lashes the same pale silver as her hair. Her lips parted, and she breathed in, a startled reaction to being in his arms.

Then she breathed out, and Gall caught the sweetness of her breath. It was like a drug, heavy and enticing. He took it deep into his lungs and his cock, already interested at having a woman so close, now hardened and throbbed.

He clutched her closer, pulling so her bottom rested against his lap. The feel of her buttocks against his cock was a sweet torture though the thin fabric of her gown.

She floated next to him, and her arms went around his neck. Her lips were just within reach. Gall closed his mouth over them.

A kiss. Just a kiss but when was the last time he’d tasted anything as sweet as this? If he’d thought her breath was intoxicating, her lips made him drunk. She opened her mouth to his probing tongue and he couldn’t think.

He could barely keep himself from tearing her clothes from her and throwing her onto the marble floor of his bath, thrusting himself deep within her. It had been a long time since he’d had a woman so enticing beside him.

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