Christmas With Sarah

A family together at Christmastime—there couldn’t be a more perfect holiday scene. But for wealthy Silicon Valley entrepreneur Greg Wilcox and his daughter Sarah, one thing is missing—a woman to help wrap the gifts, bake the cookies and fill that emptiness in their hearts and home. Greg and Sarah both think Molly would be the perfect addition to their family, but they have to convince Molly first.

Big Sur artist Molly Anders remembers the Christmases of her past, baking cookies and decorating a tree. More than anything she’d love to have a holiday like that with Sarah. Trouble is, she doesn’t want a man in her life as shiftless as Greg seems to be, especially as he stirs something in her that she isn’t sure she wants resurrected.

Circumstances have pulled them together and led them into love but it will take trust and the spirit of the season for them to get what they really want for Christmas—a family.

This book has been re-released as a Janet Miller book and is available virtually everywhere!


2009 Contemporary romance nominee

It took a few moments for her legs to cooperate with her and she leaned into him for support. Molly looked up into his eyes and they were intent, watching her. Only the slightest hint of a smile was on his face.

He ran his finger along her bottom lip. Breathless, she stood stock-still as he leaned down and gently, very gently, brushed her lips with his. His touch was so light it almost didn’t register as a kiss.

But it was. She felt it and knew he felt it too. Again their breathing seemed to be in unison, the night cold enough to see the white plumes as they exhaled.

He kissed her again, this time a bit harder, and ran the tip of his tongue along the entry of her lips. She shuddered but didn’t pull away.

This was what she’d wondered about, how it would be to kiss him. The answer was—wonderful.

“Molly, are you going to invite me in?” His voice was cautious, waiting for her refusal. His sapphire eyes bored into her as if he were trying to will her to say yes.

Only a moment passed before she discarded her hesitation.

“Greg, would you like to come inside?” She was pleased that her voice sounded steady, even if her emotions were anything but.

Greg’s smile hinted of triumph. “Yes, Molly. I would.”

The Romance Studio: Four Hearts - This has got to be one of the cutest and most entertaining Christmas stories I have read in quite some time. The characters are amusing and authentic... If you are looking for a highly entertaining Christmas story that is full of fantastic characters and an attention-grabbing plot, this is one book you need to read.