Reflecting The Future

John Forge is the station chief of a mining colony on a futuristic Mars and all he wants a home and family…and Suzie Shelty, the colony’s morale officer. Trouble is that while Suzie might admit to being infatuated with the handsome captain, she’s not so sure she believes in love. Fortunately she does believe in holiday magic and with John’s help creates for the station the first Christmas on Mars.

Suzie’s uncertainty and John’s unwillingness to compromise could keep them apart. But a mirror that reflects the future—and a certain jolly old elf—may yet make this Christmas the first of many these two will enjoy together.

“You know what this station needs, John? We need a holiday!”

Caught in the middle of pulling off his shirt, John Forge paused for a heartfelt sigh. Tugging the neckline down so he could see, he glared at his morale officer, sitting blissfully nude on the bed. In spite of his irritation he took a moment to admire her petite form. For a small woman she really was curvy, just like a surrogate should be.

Just like a surrogate should be. Everything about Suzie Shelty was by the book, except that recently she couldn’t seem to keep her mind on business. She was always bringing up off the wall ideas during their twice a week morale building sessions, a time when all he wanted to do was fuck. Most of the time he didn’t mind that much. Listening to Suzie’s schemes was sometimes as much fun as being in bed with her.

But tonight he had a lot on his mind and discussing ways to improve other people’s morale wasn’t high on his list of things to do. What he needed was his own morale taken care of.

“Do we have to talk about this now?” he growled.

At his cross tone, her blue eyes widened. “No, Captain. It can wait.”

Discarding his shirt and pants, John slid naked onto the bed next to her. “How many times have I asked you to call me John when we’re in bed?”

“Lots,” she said brightly. “But section three, subsection sixteen of the morale officer’s handbook specifically prohibits me from using the first names of officers while practicing intimacy."

John rolled his eyes. Suzie must have quoted that subsection to him at least a hundred times in the past two years they’d been “practicing intimacy”. He knew why the prohibition was in place—to prevent what was supposed to be casual intercourse from becoming serious.

Trouble was he was already pretty serious about his morale officer, and damn it, he wanted her to call him by his first name!

Gathering her into his arms, he kissed her tenderly, putting all of his so-far-unvoiced wanting into it. “Section four, subsection ten also prohibits kissing, but you’re willing to do that with me.”

Suzie smiled. “That’s because you kiss so very good…John.”

Anything that got her smiling and saying his name had to be repeated. John kissed her again. This time her mouth opened beneath his and accepted the thrust of his tongue deep inside. John experienced the taste of Suzie, all warm like ginger and cinnamon, and inside him a deep contentment grew, even as desire made his cock as hard as iron against her.

She was his woman…for the next hour or so at least, and so he could love her as much as he wanted. He just couldn’t tell her that he loved her. If he did she’d slip out of his arms and start another lecture on how “it wasn’t real” and “every man felt like that about his morale officer once in a while”.

Four Heart-Plugs - The Romance Reader's Connections - REFLECTING THE FUTURE is a light and happy story revolving around the holidays, giving, love, family and community. John is supposed to play Santa on Christmas, but will the gift he gets be the one he does not dare hope for? Is Suzie able to love John? Magic is in the air, even the Martian air and the magic at Christmas is the strongest of all. Enjoy this cheerful story. - Sarah Silversmith

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Fallen Angel Reviews – 4 Angels - John and Suzie’s steamy lovemaking sizzle to heat page after page, so hot that chills will pop out on your skin and your clothes will melt to your body. This is one blazing story that won’t disappoint! - Contessa