Lady’s Choice

Lija is a woman on a get at least one night of fun in before she has to marry someone she doesn't really want. What luck to find Gehon and Jackon in a spacer bar, and both guys appear interested in her.

Well, of course they are interested. Gehon and Jackon are Zelion warriors working as space traders and meeting Lija is a dream come true...sort of. You see Zelion men can only be fertile with their "true mate" a woman who matches them. They know her when they see her, taste her, and touch her and once committed to her, will be faithful to her forever. The good news is that Lija is a true mate.

The bad news is that she's the true mate for both of them and Zelion warriors aren't real good about sharing. The men set up a sexual competition to win her hand, but in the end it is the "Lady's Choice" that will rule the day.


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Lija stared up at the two men flanking her table, twirled the end of her maiden’s braid, and tossed it over her shoulder. She should have cut it off long ago, but what Daddy didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. So she’d experimented a little…okay, more than a little, but that was a good thing. Experimentation could keep a girl from making mistakes. Suppose she had wrapped her braid around the wrists of the first guy who’d talked her into sex? Daddy wouldn’t have been happy about having a lowly mechanic as a son-in-law, even if the guy had had the most beautiful muscles she’d ever seen.

Not that either of the two men in front of her were slouches in the muscle department—or the height, face, and hair departments, either! Either one of the pair appeared capable of bench-pressing her microshuttle, and look real good while doing it.

The first one to arrive was blond, with eyes like blue light crystals. He was taller than his buddy by maybe three centimeters, even though both men had to be well over one and a half meters tall. His face was lean, with a sexy smile that took her breath away.

The shorter man had hair nearly the red of a summer sunset, and his eyes were the deep brown of fertile earth, set in a round ruddy face. His shoulders were broader than his friend’s, but his waist narrowed into slender hips. Without seeing it, she’d bet his rear was round like his face, and that he had plump ass-cheeks just perfect for wrapping a girl’s legs around.

Funny, she’d never really been interested in two men at the same time, but both these guys made her mouth water. More than her mouth, actually. The crotch of her spacer suit dampened with her arousal and she crossed her legs, hoping they wouldn’t notice.

Both men’s gaze riveted below her belt and they sniffed the air, their eyes glazing for a moment. Her eyes widened at their reaction. Oh, yeah, they’d noticed. They must have superb senses of smell.

The front of both men’s trousers tightened into a pair of impressive packages. In the back of her mind, Lija took in their sizes and did the math. Yep, either of them would do nicely for her last fling of freedom before buckling under to her fate.

Too bad she only needed one. Choosing was going to be tough.

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