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September 24, 2016

At the last RT Booklover's Convention in Las Vegas the crew of Linnea Sinclair's Intergalactic Bar and Grille gave away an anthology of science fiction stories. The stories were set in any of our worlds, but there had to be a casino on a space station in the story.

Of course I set my story in my Gaian world and invented the space station Paradise (which is anything but a paradise) and its slightly sleezy casino complete with a card dealer named Calli Lisole. Which is the main attraction for Captain Stanus Rendon, who always sits at her table when he's on station making a delivery. The trader is an unmarried Gaian man with no intention of attaching to the pretty little Calli, but playing cards with her feeds a desire he's having...


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Gaian Stories

Gaian Stories - Science Fiction Romance by Janet Miller

Beloved Stranger

Available now from Samhain Publishing! Finding and marrying his match turned out to be easy for Gaian convict Roan Dumas. Now all he has to do is keep her.

The Girl In The Box

girl in the box print copy
Confined to a motorized box-like wheelchair, space station worker Ammi thinks a future with a young Gaian man is impossible.

A Promise Made

a-promise-made web copy

Military doctor Karen Masters didn't know what to expect when she landed on The Promise in search of medical supplies, but she got more than she bargained for when a Gaian doctor attached to her.

Beloved Traveler


Ana was looking for adventure not love but she hadn’t planned on meeting her best friend’s brother, Jack An Flena.

Bold Traveler pirate and shy Gaian widow – love has a way of warping the rules!

Luck of the Gaian


She was wrong for him...until she wasn't

Beloved Enemy

Two enemy spacefighter pilots stranded on a deserted jungle planet must decide if what they have in common means more then their differences. A Romantic Times Top Pick!

Promises To Keep


The first Gaian tale.

Earth doctor Sarah Johnson meets the man of her dreams... unfortuantely he's her worst enemy, General Garren Doranth!

Hollywood After Dark

Contemporary parafolk stories - shapeshifters, vampires, and psi - alive and well and looking for love in modern-day Los Angeles.

All Night Inn

The first Hollywood After Dark tale All Sharon was looking for was a job, but her vampire boss wanted more than just a quick bite!

Fangs for the Memories

Michael will do anything to be Cleo's companion...even kidnap her and hold her prisoner in a movie studio.  A Romantic Times Top Pick!

Tasting Nightwalker Wine

What happens when a vampire meets his favorite romance author? Adventure, suspense, and love, of course!

Ghosts Of Christmas Past


Nightwalker Daniel rescues Calla to become his Companion for the holidays to drive away his "ghosts"

Nightwalker's Pet


All Andrea wanted was a pet... and Roland was more than happy to be her dog.

Bad Dog and the Babe

A werewolf story set in the world of Hollywood After Dark When Barbara Grisloup walked into Al's Lutz's bar she got more than she was looking for.

Shanghaied Affair


Getting shanghaied onto a cruiseship will be the best thing to happen to nightwalker Samantha in three-hundred and thirty-three years.

Mythical Seductions

Present day fantasy novels where marble statues come to life, and men and women both human and otherwise learn about love - with a little help from the Goddess Aphrodite!

Violet Among The Roses


The goddess Aphrodite has made Nick human for two nights and a day. Will that be long enough for Nick to earn a place by Violet’s side?

Echo In The Hall


Trapped in a statue for several thousand years, Echo comes to life and must earn the love of a human to stay that way.

Nemesis Of The Garden


Nemesis works with Aphrodite and Pan to save the universe... and discovers true love at the same time.


Mythical Seductions Collection


All three novels collected into one convenient and money-saving package.

Other Tales

Individual stories that stand alone.

Christmas With Sarah

Molly wants to spend Christmas with little Sarah even if she has to put up with the child's father, the devious Greg, to get it.

Imperfect Judgment

imperfect judgement hgh res copy

The cards foretold Diam would be successful in saving his people, but it might cost him the woman he loves.


They had everything in common but the truth.

Lady's Choice

In a futuristic time Gehon and Jackon have found their perfect match... unfortunately, it's the same woman!

The Lizard's Tail

Lizards Tale text final

A collection of humorous contemporary short stories.


Dina wishes she could remember why she came to be with Gall...but when her memories return it might separate them forever.

Reflecting The Future


With a little holiday magic, John might just get what he wants for Christmas - Suzie!

The Doll


Can Jenny give up her doll and look for a man who isn't a fantasy?

Perfect Hero


The last thing Melissa expected was for her game character to climb out of her monitor and fall in love with her.

Memories Divine

A fantasy world featuring Gillian D'Amanth, goddess of hearth, home - and love!

Memories To Come

Remak has much to learn and Gillian is just the goddess to teach him what he needs to know.

Memories Revised


Gillian is back to teach Talia what she needs in a man - passion!

Memories Undone


This time the goddess has two people to teach - and the lesson is that it isn't too late to learn to love.

Future Parafolk

Parafolk stories, Vampires, Shapeshifters, and Psis in space.


A vampire, werewolf, and psi walk into a bar... and discover each other..

Darkpilot's Bride

In a futuristic time the dark-pilot Dimitri meets Josia who was intended to his dinner.

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girl in the box print copy

Confined to a motorized box-like wheelchair, space station worker Ammi thinks a future with a young Gaian man is impossible.

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She was wrong for him...until she wasn't

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