Perfect Hero

Melissa doesn’t believe magic exists in the real world, but when a video game character she creates crawls out of her new monitor she has to wonder if her opinion wasn’t a bit too hasty.

Bran is happy to be outside of the computer and wants to stay and make lots of passionate love to his lovely creator. He’ll do anything, including setting up a magical Christmas, to prove to Melissa that he is the hero she’s always wanted.

Melissa turned on the shower and left it to let it heat up. She examined her face in the mirror, cleaning off the small amount of makeup she used on workdays before brushing her teeth. Finished, she noticed that the room behind her had fogged up from the shower. She dropped her robe and climbed into the spray.

She didn’t hear the bathroom door open over the sound of the water so she had no idea she wasn’t alone until the shower door swung out.

“J.R.R.’s glory! You have an indoor waterfall—and it’s heated!” Sheer delight was in Bran’s voice as Melissa twirled to face him.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Looking for you,” he said, as if it were obvious.

“I’m naked, Bran!”

He raked her up and down with his gaze, his smile turning into a lecherous grin. “You certainly are. Very nice. Give me a moment.”

Before she could say anything he’d closed the door to the shower, and then she realized he was taking off his clothes as well. Before she could protest he was back in the shower and under the spray, crowding her against the wall.

His grey eyes were near molten as he stared down at her. “Ah, this feels so pleasant. I’m so glad to be living in this time with you.”

“Bran, you don’t need to share the shower with me. It’s so crowded. How do you expect me to get clean?”

She really shouldn’t have asked the question. Bran simply grabbed the soap and began moving it slowly down her body, paying special attention to her breasts, her nipples and her ass. Especially, it seemed to her, her ass. He pulled her against his body, her breasts tight against his chest.

“You see how clean you can get with me helping you.”

Bran gave another of those mind-bending kisses of his and all thoughts of protesting his presence in the shower with her evaporated. He pressed her against the wall, and then his hand with the soap was between her legs, moving the bar with slow deliberation against her clit. Melissa’s cry was swallowed by the sound of the shower and Bran’s hungry mouth. His cock was swollen and fully erect, hard against her stomach.

She almost expected him to lift her against the wall and slide inside her, but he didn’t. Instead he knelt in the shower, the water cascading over his shoulders. Gently he spread her legs. “Open for me, fair one. Let me touch you.”

Just Erotic Romance Reviews: 5 Stars, 3 Flames Fun, funny, erotic, sexy-I cannot find enough words to express my delight with this book! ...The sex is amazing-I have rarely read the like! Beautifully graphic and extraordinarily erotic, (make sure you have a man or toy nearby!) I was totally aroused by their sexual encounters. ...I don't know why I haven't read Ms. Starr's books before, but I intend to correct that oversight immediately!