The Doll

The Doll is a paranormal contemporary, a modern tale with a bit of magic in the air. In an old curio shop, Jenny buys a wooden figure that reminds her of a favorite toy from her childhood, a male fashion model doll. One difference is that the figure is anatomically correct rather than having molded underwear. Another is that the figure's head has no features, is completely smooth. 

She names it Charlie, but shortly after she brings it home, an invisible man shows up in her bed, or couch, or shower—wherever she is—and makes love to her. She realizes he's everything she's wished for in a lover...except real.

Can she give The Doll up and look for a man who isn't a fantasy? 

The TV was now a quiet glow in the corner, programming ended for the day. In the dim light, the room was all shadows, dark anticipatory peace.

Gentle hands caressed Jenny’s feet and ankles, teasing her toes before moving up to stroke the soft skin at the back of her knees. Shifting on the couch, she was barely aware of her nightgown gliding up her legs, baring her thighs, or the pressure of hands urging her knees apart. Her underwear slid off in one fluid movement, not disturbing her peace at all.

What she did notice was a delicious stroking of the tender skin that led to her folds, followed by a warm puff of air.

She spread her legs further in response.

When the delicate tip of a tongue flicked across her clit, she nearly rose off the couch. Only the presence of strong hands holding her tight against the cushions kept her in place, ready for the next tender assault, which followed immediately. In moments Jenny was writhing about, the sensation of a warm moist mouth on her clit and cunt driving her wild.

Has she really said she didn’t need a man? That idle thought drove through her, chased immediately by the comprehension that she most definitely needed this!

In fact, she needed far more of this than she could ever remember needing!

A low moan drove through her throat and her hands reached to feel her lover’s head, whose lips massaged her nether parts with such skill. Under her hands she felt a smooth surface, round and hard. She explored it, felt nothing to distinguish any part of it.

It was like she was being given head by a volleyball. Disturbed, she tried to pull away, only to have her hands grabbed by stronger ones. The lips left her crotch, aching and wet.

A quiet voice sounded in her ears. “You’re frightened—don’t be.”

“What are you…you aren’t real,” she whispered, desperation in her voice.

“I am as real as you wish me to be. Think of what I could be.”

In her mind came an image, of a head of hair, brown, thick, and wavy, long enough to twist around her fingers, long enough to clutch in passion.

A deep male chuckle greeted her thought and her hands were pulled back to where they’d been before. Again she felt the roundness of a man’s skull, but now it was thick with silky hair that rippled under her fingers.

“Anything you want me to be, I will be, lovely one. Now, hold on as I take you to paradise.”

Denise Powers for Sensual Romance "Is a wooden doll the key to finding the man of her dreams?" ...Short and sweet, THE DOLL is a great quickie. Although I would have liked a longer story, Ms. Starr makes good use of the limited word count allotted to her. The entire story is told from Jenny's point of view, which makes sense considering the storyline. Give this one a try for a fast, fun read!

Sharyn McGinty for In the Library Reviews ...Cricket Starr's debut novel THE DOLL is a beautiful fairy-tale, full of warmth and emotion. While short, the reader is, nonetheless, left knowing Jenny cares deeply for Charlie and it's not just because he brings her sexual pleasure. Cricket Starr is one author I shall be reading in the future.

Connie Harrell for Sensual Romance "An anatomically correct doll of dreams." ...This is just the sort of read that you need to make you believe in fairy tale love. This sweet quickie had me wishing on stars. This was truly and enjoyable read. Thanks, Ms. Starr.

Five Stars from JERR! Mireya Orsini for Just Erotic Romance Reviews ...I found it highly satisfying and arousing. The love scenes are sinfully sexy. This short story certainly belongs on my “keeper” shelf and I am looking forward to Ms. Starr’s upcoming work.