Hollywood After Dark

Contemporary parafolk stories - shapeshifters, vampires, and psi - alive and well and looking for love in modern-day Los Angeles.

While all of the Hollywood After Dark books were written as standalone titles, some characters do make guest appearances in later books. For that reason, one optimum way to read them would be the order I wrote them in:
  • All Night Inn
  • Fangs For The Memories
  • Tasting Nightwalker Wine
  • Ghosts Of Christmas Past
  • Bad Dog and the Babe
  • Shanghaied Affair
Nightwalker's Pet can be read anywhere in this list.

All Night Inn


Sharon Colson is desperate: she’s broke, locked out of her rooming house, and needs a job. Jonathan Knottman, the local vampire, is the only one in town hiring but he won’t take her on as a bartender without her becoming his vampire companion. She might not know what that means but Sharon is willing to try it, even it does mean Jonathan will have to bite her. Trouble is, that's not all he has in mind.


Fangs for the Memories


Former movie star, now turned vampire, Cleopatra Lutz is bored with delivery boy dinners, but Michael Brown is far more excitement than she’s bargained for. The utterly delicious man wants to be her nightwalker companion -- her regular blood source as well as her lover -- but she’s wary of letting any man get too close to her.

Tasting Nightwalker Wine


The last person Stella Robertson expected to meet at a late evening signing for her latest vampire book was a handsome man wearing a tux, cape, and realistic vampire fangs. But it was Halloween so she dismissed his claims of knowing more about vampires…until he spoke directly into her mind and convinced her he did know what he was talking about.


Ghosts Of Christmas Past


A holiday story set in the Hollywood After Dark world.

A lonely vampire man finds a woman with issues of her own to share his holidays and keep the "ghosts" away but what's between them could become more than just a holiday story.

Nightwalker’s Pet


Newly made vampire Andrea isn't all that happy with her fate as a blood-sucking monster, and is lonely since she can't find a pet that will tolerate being near her. So she was happy to meet Roland the werewolf who wants to be her dog... permanently. 

Bad Dog and the Babe


A werewolf story set in the world of Hollywood After Dark Al Lupas isn’t happy when a beautiful upper-class werewolf female in heat struts into The Dog House, looking for her underage sister. Barbara Grisloup is trouble, but he can't help taking her to bed when he gets the chance. Barbara might be attracted to Al’s “Bad Dog” persona but she knows he isn’t the right wolf for her even though he is good at scratching that pesky itch she has at the moment. Now if only she could get him to stop calling her Babe.

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Shanghaied Affair


The latest Hollywood After Dark novel!

The last thing Samantha Thomas expected was to be shanghaied onto a cruise ship for a forced vacation, but not that she's here, she might as well make the best of it. Particularly since the best includes the utterly delectable shifter man, Perry Andrews.