Bad Dog and the Babe

A werewolf story set in the world of Hollywood After Dark

Al Lupas isn’t happy when a beautiful upper-class werewolf female in heat struts into his bar looking for her underage sister. Barbara Grisloup is trouble, proving it when a riot breaks out over the right to mate her, although he can’t complain when he ends up taking her to bed instead.

Barbara needs Al to keep her heat under control while she searches for her sister but there can’t be anything permanent between them. She might be attracted to Al’s “Bad Dog” persona but she knows he isn’t the right wolf for her. Too bad he is so good at scratching that pesky itch she has at the moment although she really wishes he’d stop calling her Babe.

Lots of werewolf sex along with encounters with vampires, spellcasters, and other parafolk lie in their future—just another busy weekend in Hollywood After Dark.


Night Owl Reviews: 4.5 stars and a Top Pick

"...Bad Dog and the Babe is a quick, Very Hot and easy read. I read it straight through because it was hard to put down." Eai

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Winner of the 2011 Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal PRISM Award for Erotica


Of all the gin joints in the world she has to walk into mine.

Favorite movie quote still in mind, Albert Lupas—better known as Al to his friends—stared as the most beautiful werewolf bitch he’d ever laid eyes on finished closing the front door. He couldn’t take his eyes off her any more than the other poor saps in the bar. Beautiful she was, but that didn’t begin to cover it. She had tawny hair forming a corona around her face and delicate features proclaiming her aristocracy, a slender nose and perfectly shaped mouth with lips he wanted to lick.

Her looks didn’t end at her face. Her haut-couture tailored suit couldn’t hide her body’s lush curves…in fact it was possible it wasn’t intended to do so. She’d probably had the garment made special to skim over the firm jutting of her heavy breasts and tweak in at her waist.

She had to be rich. He knew money spent when he saw it and unless he missed his guess the purse she had slung over her shoulder was the same as one he’d seen in his aunt’s shop a couple of weeks ago. The cost of it alone was more than most of the werewolves in his bar made in two months.

Rich, beautiful and with a body for sex—she was ripe. Lush. Filet mignon…. She was choice, prime and more—she was perfect.

Al licked his lips and appreciated the view but frowned. Whoever this beauty was, she had absolutely no business in his place of business. The clientele of the Dog House were shapeshifters of the beer and kibble-out-of-a-bag sort, not those who were used to fine wine and thin crackers topped with freshly made liver pâté. If ever there was a lady who should be sipping champagne, this was it. So what was she doing here?

Whatever it was it meant trouble, he’d bet his last T-bone on it.

For a moment she blinked in the darkness, then she moved toward the bar with an assurance he couldn’t believe she felt. She had to know she was slumming and unless she was terminally stupid she should be at least a little nervous. The quick glances she made right and left as she approached told him she wasn’t stupid. She knew she was out of place.

Heads turned as she came closer and noses went up. In the darkness, Al saw multiple eyes glow with intent masculine interest, particularly those nearest her.

Uh-oh. Something else is afoot. Moving from behind the bar, Al headed to intercept her. As soon as he got close he caught her scent and realized what more was wrong than a high-class piece of meat slumming.

She was in early heat.

RT Book Reviews: 4 Stars

"...Starr's latest novel is just plain wonderful. It's a thrilling ride into the wolf lifestyle and politics, as well as a reunion with other Hollywood After Dark series characters. You'll love this book and eagerly await the next one." Sabrina Cooper

Night Owl Reviews: 4.5 Stars and a Top Pick

"...Bad Dog and the Babe is a quick, Very Hot and easy read. I read it straight through because it was hard to put down." Eaim

Happy Ever After Reviews: 5 Teacups and a Recommended Read

"...What a great book! This book is exactly what I want from my shifter paranormal romances. The hero is hot, the heroine is smart and capable. They can shift into wolves and they have hot, steamy love scenes...After reading this, I would buy anything I saw her name on and you should too!" LynnMarie

Black Raven Reviews: 4 Ravens

"...This story is a great read for those who enjoy reading both mysteries and paranormal romance." Lea!

The Romance Studio: 4.5 Hearts

The author has created an amazing world full of paranormal creatures who are just like us only with a bit extra. They have the same foibles and prejudices as the humans they share the world with... If you like a paranormal romance where the author masterfully combines a hot love story with suspense and humor, this one is for you. Maura Frankman

Bitten By Books: Five Tombstones!


Bad Dog and the Babe has everything I love: humor, great sex, a little mystery and fun dialogue. Both characters show growth as well. From start to finish, Starr delivers her standard of excellence. ...I loved this story of werewolf princesses and bad boy shifters. 5 tombstones and 2 glasses of cold ice tea, please. Kate