Gaian Stories

In the twenty-fifth century, the people of Earth have reached beyond their own solar system and established a series of colonies.

One of the oldest, Gaia, was founded by a people who believed strongly in family and in the sanctity of human life. They rejected the intense corporate control over the society that remained on Earth and created a near utopian civilization on the pastoral planet of Gaia. Since some of the greatest technical minds moved to Gaia, they quickly managed to improve on Earth’s technology, which Earth-based corporations refused to acknowledge the patents on.

The Gaians decided to declare independence, and in response Earth sent its military, Earthforce, to teach the upstarts a lesson. It was an expensive one, which cost the Gaians thousands of their young women when Earthforce destroyed their largest girl’s school.

This left a big problem for the colonists. Through a biological twist of fate, Gaian men don’t become sexually active until they meet and “attach” to a woman who matches them. Consequently, even if the war was won by the colonists with their superior technology, this meant a long lonely life for a lot of guys… unless they could find other women to marry.

Promises To Keep is the first book written in the Gaian world and serves as an introduction to the world and the characters. The optimal reading order of the novels is:

  1. Promises To Keep

  2. Beloved Enemy

  3. Beloved Traveler

  4. Beloved Stranger

A Promise Made is a novella that should be read after Promises To Keep.
The Girl In The Box is a short story that can be read either before or after Promises To Keep
Luck of the Gaian is an independent short story that can be read at any time.

Beloved Stranger


A new Gaian book available now from Samhain Publishing! Beloved Stranger is the story of a young woman from the Outer Colonies who many years earlier had been kidnapped along with her sisters and taken to a Gaian prison/mining colony for an illegal marriage meet. Sonja got away but her sisters had ended up as wives. Now Sonja is back to rescue her sisters and is willing to do anything, including marrying a Gaian prisoner to find them. Trouble is Roan Dumas is the man she's picked to be her husband and he's just as determined to keep her as she is to get away. Now available in print as well as ebook formats!

The Girl In The Box

girl in the box print copy

A short story featuring the son of Garran Doranth, hero of Promises To Keep. Amirilla Asteras's only constant friends had been the stars she's lived amongst until she started a long-distant relationship with Ganth Doranth, who operates a Gaian freighter with his father. Both had agreed early on to audio only communications so she's never seen Ganth, but he's wormed his way into her heart anyway. Unfortunately Ganth is a Gaian man and must attach to a suitable woman, someone whole and healthy, and Ammi has been confined to a motorized box-like wheelchair all of her life. She knows her mis-shaped legs should keep her and Ganth apart and she dreads having to tell him the truth about her, but the tricky Gaian man has something else on his mind and seems determined to meet her in person, whether she wishes it or not. This story was originally published in the Dream Quest Anthology edited by Linnea Sinclair and JC Wilder.  

A Promise Made

a-promise-made web copy

A Gaian Novella

Military doctor Karen Masters didn't know what to expect when she landed on The Promise in search of medical supplies, but she got more than she bargained for when a Gaian doctor attached to her.

Note: This is a re-edited version of the original novella.

Beloved Traveler


Beloved Traveler takes place right after the time period of Beloved Enemy and is a true sequel to the book. Again we have Mea and Kavath but the heroine is their nanny, a Gaian widow named Ana and the hero is Mea's brother, Jack. Jack has been playing pirate for the past several years, liberating the slaves of his former shipmates, many of whom are the scattered members of his Traveler tribe. He doesn't want a woman in his life but when Ana comes to his home he's drawn to her.

Ana wasn't happy with her Gaian husband and hasn't wanted to go back to another marriage meet to find a new one, so she's surprised when "pirate Jack" turns out to be a man who can touch her without making her ill. Neither of them expect their love affair to be anything but short. But then the slavers show up forcing Ana and Jack to work together to defeat their plans.

Luck of the Gaian


This is a story set in a distant part of the Outer Colonies, where a lonely single Gaian trader tries to find female company in the only place on a space station that will allow him to keep his mask on.

Beloved Enemy


Beloved Enemy begins during the war, when two starship fighter pilots are stranded on a deserted jungle planet and have to cooperate to stay alive until rescue comes. Lieutenant Meagan An Flena is from a race of space-faring “gypsies” called Travelers, but when her family was killed she chose Earthforce over a prison cell. She wouldn't mind bunking with Kavath, but when he talks about sex all he wants is marriage. Mea is a source of mass confusion for Pilot Kavath Terrell. He had no idea he was chasing a female Earth pilot when he followed her to the surface of the planet, and he’s dismayed to find she’s his sexual match…okay, sure, he likes it that she’s a match, but unless he can marry her, he’s not going to give into the temptation she offers. Or will he? There is just too much to admire about this little woman who shot up his ship and has now captured his heart. Eventually these two will have to decide if what keeps them apart is more important than what they have in common... friendship, respect, and love.

Promises To Keep


The first book, Promises To Keep is set after the war, when Gaia is attempting to rectify its population problem by kidnapping women headed to become brides in the Outer Colonies. On the Gaian flagship, The Promise, Gaian men woo and win the ladies of Earth… in their own peculiar fashion. General Garran Doranth doesn’t intend to attach to anyone, much less a fiery redheaded Earth doctor, but when Doctor Sarah Johnson slaps him on their first encounter, winning her as his wife becomes his top priority. Unfortunately Sarah lost a close friend during the war and blames the General. Fortunately Garran has a lot in his favor… not the least of which is that Sarah won’t see his face until she’s wed to him. Then all he has to do is use his wits and charm to convince her to stay married. What could go wrong with that?