Beloved Stranger

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Six years ago Sonja Deems had to leave her sisters behind when slavers forced them into the illegal Gaian marriage meets at the Ares Five Prison colony. Now she’s back to retrieve them and is willing to do anything, even marry one of the prisoners to get access to them.

Sonja  figures she can get in and out of the prison on her own. She doesn’t count on Roan Dumas being the man who attaches and marries her, a man who can scheme even better than she can. Roan might be the one man difficult for Sonja to leave behind.

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2013 Finalist in the PRISM contest

Finalist in the Futuristic category of the FF&P Prism contest for 2013

The final woman came close and Roan fixed his attention on her, struck by how different she seemed from the others. At first glance he noticed she was on the short side and even though the robe hid her body, it seemed slender. But it was the confidence in her walk that caught his attention. Her head was held high, and tiny as she was compared to the bulk of the brown-robed men near her, she strode with the attitude of a queen. After the creeping, timorous manners of the others, her appearance made him smile. This was a woman to be proud of.

She marched near him, and then suddenly he couldn’t breathe. Bending at the waist, he gasped to bring air into his lungs, laboring to fill them. For a brief moment it felt like his heart stopped, and then it began pounding hard, and he grew hot as blood sped faster through his body. His hands and feet tingled, waves of sensation racing down his arms and legs.

Finally his shaft tingled and swelled, and once again Roan knew the pain and pleasure of having an erection. It had been nearly ten years since the last time it had happened, but he knew immediately what he was experiencing. The woman he’d admired was his match, and he’d attached to her.

She waited for him. Roan moved into the hallway to follow her.

Library Journal Reviews

The steady and fast-paced plot keeps readers eager for each new page, with just enough romantic scenes to maintain interest. With several possible endings available, the reader is kept guessing until the final page. Recommended for anyone who enjoys suspense mixed with sf and romance. - Sonnet Ireland, Univ. of New Orleans Library.

Kathy's Review Corner

Beloved Stranger a fast paced, touching science fiction romance certain to entertain from cover to cover. Roan is absolutely dedicated to his wife, even if that means that he will lose her. But that doesn't mean he will stop trying to convince her that marrying a Gian was the best thing to happen to her. Sonja is a strong independent heroine determined to help her sisters, and stop the slave traders. I absolutely enjoyed watching these two people fight their way through enemies and conflict to find their happily ever after together. - Kathy Andrico