Future Parafolk

Science fiction stories that include paranormal elements... also known as "vampires in space".

These are stories set in the future that answer the questions do werewolves get fuzzy when there isn't a full moon, and what happens to a vampire when there isn't a sun around to change night into day?



Futuristic paranormal romance with a vampire, a werewolf, and a psi trying to puzzle out their relationship at the same time as they're trying to find out who wants them dead. Two men and a lady allow all kinds of possibilities in bed and out. A collaboration with Liddy Midnight.


Darkpilot’s Bride


When her sister was selected to be the dinner of an outer-space vampire in exchange for supplies, Josia Ashen took her place assuming it would mean her death. But Dark-pilot Dimitri is delighted with the spirit as well as the body of the lovely woman he finds tied to a tree. Even Arthur, his fussy computer, approves of the voluptuous Josia. Dimitri wants to make her status as his “bride” a reality, but a hasty promise to her sister may come back to haunt him if he can’t earn Josia’s love.