A vampire, a psychic and a werewolf walk into a bar on Alpha Prime... (from 1,001 Stellar Jokes)

Thomas and Rick have a stable partnership, exploring the stars and skirting the law. Vampire and companion for decades, they fill their downtime aboard their ship the Sleepwalker with sex and banter. Lately they’ve felt that something, or someone, is missing in their relationship. Rick believes it’s a woman, one destined to complete them and become their perfect long-term third.

Harriet isn’t content with her life as a bank repo officer. She’d really like a desk job in accounting, but corporate assignments are limited for a werewolf with unusual talents. Getting down and dirty with her marks isn’t her practice, but she has no idea what sensual delights the latest deadbeats she’s sent to collar have in mind.

From the moment they meet, the trio is ensnared in a web of desire, heat and danger as they untangle a conspiracy and race to head off unthinkable disaster.


Nominee for the 2006 ECataromance Reviewer's Choice Award

Thomas put his serum-nol down and stared. Without thinking, he pulled on his lower lip, revealing his fangs and licking them gingerly.

He smiled. “It’s her, Rick. I just know it.”

Rick didn’t chide Thomas for not using their link. He couldn’t help his own reaction. He picked up his glass and downed the contents in a gulp. Only after the burn hit him did he remember what it was. He coughed and gasped and had barely recovered when he noticed his vampire partner heading across the room to intercept her.

Not without him! Sudden jealousy overtook Rick and he rushed to the couple now standing in the middle of the small dance floor. The only thing he couldn’t figure out was just who it was he was jealous over—Thomas or the unknown woman.

She was smiling up at his partner when he arrived. “You’re a vampire? How interesting!”

Her words did not inspire Rick with confidence. Oh God, please let her have a brain! In spite of Thomas’ many wonderful qualities, he’d never had the patience to master astrochess and Rick was tired of being beaten by the Sleepwalker’s AI.

Beauty she had in quantity. High cheekbones swept up under her compelling golden eyes and her skin glowed a warm deep brown. She ran her tongue over her plump lips and he imagined her opening that smile to take his cock into the heat of her mouth. A rush of desire swept through him and he jerked his attention away with an effort.

Golden streaks decorated her short, curly, and otherwise near-black hair. Lovely and exotic. He’d never seen anyone with quite that coloring. He wondered if her breasts were that same shade of chocolate—oh, stars, were her nipples black or pink?—and if her pussy hair was also streaked with gold.

What a contrast her skin would make, with him and Thomas being so pale! The mental image of them both riding her, one below and one above, made his cock jerk in anticipation.

His partner took her hand and made a great show of bending over it and kissing her palm. “Thomas Morelli, at your service.”

Rick barely resisted rolling his eyes. Thomas could be a complete ass at times, and it looked like this was one of those times.

Whoever she was, his partner’s lack of subtlety didn’t appear to bother her. She hooked her arm through Thomas’ and fairly purred. “Want to dance?”

Rick had no choice but to back off as the two slid into each other’s arms and began to shuffle to the music. Leaning his hip on an unoccupied table, he toyed with his empty glass and fumed as they put their heads together and whispered.

Unable to restrain himself, he tightened his mental focus to eliminate any chance of his words slipping out into the crowd around them. I thought we were supposed to share.

We will. I’m gathering intelligence. The vampire’s delighted laughter came across the link loud and clear.

Two could play at that game. Rick reached out with his mind and brushed against hers, lightly so she wouldn’t notice.

He encountered shields. Very strong shields. He was unable to get even a glimpse of her thoughts.

Joy spread through him. While not a typical psi, with that strength she would be able to control the link when they fucked and Thomas fed, leaving him free to give himself over to the glorious sensations he’d had a taste of earlier. Give up completely, without fear or reservations. His cock hardened with anticipation and his pulse raced.

A rich laugh rolled out of her and across Rick’s skin like warm brandy. The real stuff, not synth.

She was a beauty. She was soft in all the right places. She had a wonderful laugh.

Sure, she probably wouldn’t turn out any better at astrochess than Thomas was. He’d no doubt have to continue to play the AI, who would no doubt continue to beat him.

What did it matter if she wasn’t scholar material? She was far more fuckable than the computer ever would be.

I think you should stop daydreaming and cut in here.

Rick looked up to see the dancers winding down as the music faded. He set his glass down and reached Thomas and their mystery woman in one stride. “May I take a turn now?”

“Harriet, this is my partner Rick.” Thomas presented her to Rick with a flourish and she grinned up at him.

“Thank you, Thomas Morelli. I enjoyed our dance.”

“It was my pleasure. I hope you enjoy this dance as well.”

She looked directly into Rick’s eyes and her grin faded into a sultry smile. “I’m sure I will.”

Love Romances - 5 Hearts Ms. Midnight & Ms. Starr deliver with ROGUES a terrific story. ROGUES has funny, sensual, and really hot elements. The characters are very interesting, Harriet the kick-ass heroine, Thomas the vampire with the soft heart and Rick, who has problems with the new relationship at the beginning… The fact that they have so different personas -- a vampire, a psi and a werewolf, makes the situation for these three not easy, because they are very dominant characters. - Danny

The Romance Studio - 4.5 Hearts I’d like a ride on the Sleepwalker please. Where do I sign up? Rogues is a sexy romp through space that’s sure to leave you panting for breath from the action in and out of the bedroom. The chemistry between Thomas and Rick is scorching hot and with the addition of Harriet I wasn’t sure if I’d survive to the end of the book. - Larissa Hayes

Fallen Angels - 5 Angels Liddy Midnight and Cricket Starr created a story with a wonderful plot and a group of people you cannot help but love. Rogues was an absolute joy to read from start to finish. – Lisa

Ecataromance - 4.5 Stars I loved each moment of this book because it had everything, adventure, danger, excitement and mostly love, love for each other and the lengths they would go to ensure their own happiness. - Sheryl

Romance Reviews Today  The plot is crafted and executed well, and even with the scorching sex scenes between all of them and each of them as a pair, the tension of the mystery the three need to solve never abates. Suspense, action, adventure and high octane sex guarantee that ROGUES will be a hit with readers. I highly recommend ROGUES for its excellent writing, fully fleshed characters, fascinating plot -- and oh yeah, some very well crafted love scenes. - Terrie Figueroa