Darkpilot’s Bride

When her sister was selected to be the dinner of an outer-space vampire in exchange for supplies, Josia Ashen took her place assuming it would mean her death. But Dark-pilot Dimitri is delighted with the spirit as well as the body of the lovely woman he finds tied to a tree. Even Arthur, his fussy computer, approves of the voluptuous Josia.

Dimitri wants to make her status as his “bride” a reality, but a hasty promise to her sister may come back to haunt him if he can’t earn Josia’s love.


Fallen Angels Reviews – Five Angels – Recommended Read!

She shook her wrists, indicating the rope above her. I’m the Dark-pilot’s bride. I volunteered but they thought I’d change my mind.

A volunteer. Dimitri felt a pang of misgiving. Perhaps this voluptuous beauty was like the last woman, seeking power from his bite. Why would you choose to give yourself to a demon?

It was me or my sister. She’s so young.

That was better. She thought she was saving her sister a terrible fate. Hmm, which meant she thought being a Dark-pilot “bride” a terrible fate. Dimitri didn’t much care for that although he did like the thought of her as his bride. His cock liked the idea even more, jerking greedily as it anticipated its wedding night.

Their wedding night, he told it firmly, his and hers as well. He would have her blood and sex, but not until there was agreement to both from the woman.

His subconscious joined the argument. But she is agreeable…she waits for you and can’t fight you.

Enough! He argued with himself. I won’t take her when she’s helpless like this!

The woman’s mental voice intruded on his internal debate. Could you do me a favor?

For you, anything. What do you want?

She shook her bound hands. You should leave here before the Dark-pilot comes, but could you untie me first? I don’t want him to see me like this—he’ll be so angry anyway.

Why would he be angry? There is something very appealing about you tied like that.

There is nothing appealing about a fat sow tied to a tree!

He couldn’t help it, she looked so appetizing and so exasperated…he laughed, revealing the fangs he’d carefully kept hidden. Her eyes widened in shock.

“You’re the Dark-pilot!”

It was the first time he’d heard her voice and he liked it immediately. Rich and sweet, like the rest of her. Melodic. She could sing with him on their journey.

He swept her a courtly bow. “Guilty, I’m afraid.”

The red in her cheeks heightened. “Do you always tease your dinner this way?”

“Do I look like someone who teases?”

“No…” He read confusion from her at that admission. “You look hungry.”

Dimitri stepped into touching distance, all thoughts of releasing her gone. His gaze raked her up and down, and the blush on her cheeks spread to the rest of her face and down to her neck. She had a long neck, a perfect neck. Not a blemish to it, or to any other portion of her skin. He reached to stroke her face, run his hand along the edge of her chin, then down her neck to her shoulder. Held firmly by her wrists, the woman couldn’t move away and he found her helplessness more interesting all the time.

She had perfect skin. It felt like silk under his fingers and he longed to taste it. A red haze filled the corners of his eyes as a long-denied blood lust claimed him. It had been too long since he’d fed from a living being. He would have to be careful not to hurt her.

The woman raised her eyes to his. Defiance was in her pose, and it made him smile. “What do you want?”

She had a lovely voice and he could listen to it all night—except that he had other things on his mind.

“You were right, I am hungry,” he told her. “Hungry for you.”

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