Nemesis Of The Garden

When Pan and Nemesis were accidentally hit by one of Eros's arrows they had no choice but to fall in love with each other. Now, six months later, the dilemma they face is whether it is just a spell that binds them together, or have real feelings been resurrected between the two.

But with the Titan's plotting their escape from Titanious, there is more going on in Olympus than just a couple of arrow-struck lovers trying to figure out their relationship. Fortunately they have a lot on their side – imaginative sex, various toys, and a pair of animated marble statues who bicker and make love on command.

And they have the help of the gods themselves: Hephaestus, Olympus’s weapon smith, and, of course, his wife - Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love!

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He nuzzled her neck, his thin goatee tickling her breasts. “You have clothes here…for when you need to get dressed, which isn’t that often.” Stretching out on top of her, his legs became a warm blanket against hers. “Stay in my bed and I’ll keep you warm, little nymph.”

It was tempting to do just as he suggested, but she laughed instead. “I can’t stay in bed all day, Pan, and I’m tired of the clothes I have here. Besides there is other stuff I want. ”

He nipped at her earlobe, giving it a gentle tug with the flat edges of his teeth. “You sleep here with me, but keep your things in an apartment way over in Elysian Fields. Why do you keep your own place? I have room here for your ‘stuff’.”

She leaned away so she could see his face, her own no doubt showing her astonishment at his suggestion. “Are you suggesting I move in with you? But Pan, we don’t know how long this will last!”

Pan sat up, yawned and stretched. “It has lasted long enough for your commuting to your place every few days to become a problem. I merely suggest you move the things you want daily here and keep your apartment for long-term storage. I can make room for your belongings and it would be more efficient. ”

“Room where?” Nina waved her hands, indicating Pan’s bedchamber, which was the only covered portion of his garden home. A set of pegs along one wall held his collection of loincloths, the only clothing he usually wore outside of a couple of shirts and slacks. There were no other storage areas available.

As a romantic bower, Pan’s place was great, but it lacked a few amenities when it came to living space. For one thing Nina was using her empty guitar case to store the few clothes she’d brought. The case was what she’d used to smuggle Eros’ bow and arrow set into Pan’s garden that fateful day, but it had come in handy.

“I just can’t see myself living here, Pan,” she told him.

“Why not? What does your place have that mine doesn’t?”

“Oh, just a few things. Like closets, chests, and a decent bathroom.”

Pan glowered at her list of his home’s failings. “There is a perfectly fine bathing area in my garden. It has a waterfall, hot and cold water, and a natural fountain.”

Nina rolled her eyes. “True, the bathing pool is nice, but it’s outside and uncovered. A lady likes a little privacy when she’s taking a bubble bath and washing her hair. Anyone flying overhead can watch me in there. ”

A frown crossed Pan’s face, as if he didn’t like the idea of someone viewing Nina bathing. “I have noticed Mercury flitting across more than he used to,” he mused. “Perhaps a shelter over that corner of the garden would be in order. ”

He looked around the bower. “If you need storage space, we can make some for you.” Stepping over to the corner, he whispered something to the living trees that formed the walls and the roof over their heads. There was a rustling of leaves then the branches seemed to bow in unison. As Nina watched, buds formed along the inner edges of two trees and tendrils sprouted. They grew and began to wind around each other, forming a basket weave wall.

With a wave of his hand, Pan gestured to the slowly forming wall of new growth. “It will take a little while, but you’ll have your closet soon.”

“How do you do that?” Nina asked, awed by his powers.

He laughed. “I ask for what I need and the plants serve me. I can teach you to commune with nature and ask it for what you want.”

“I couldn’t do that…”

“Of course you can. As long as you are here, you might as well learn to care for the garden. That way you’ll be more comfortable here.” Not much point in learning Pan’s nature-boy ways since any time now he was going to lose interest and send her on her way, but what did she have to lose? Maybe she could get into landscaping if she ever decided to leave the world of adult television. “I’d be happy to learn from you. ”

Her answer had pleased him. “Excellent. We can get started right away…”

“Not this morning, Pan. I still need to pay a visit to my apartment. And then I have to go to work…”

“Work?” Pan folded his arms and glared at her. “I thought you quit that job of yours.”

Nina cringed. She hadn’t meant to blurt that out. Pan had been livid when he’d found out she worked at a twenty-four hour adult cable station, sometimes even starring in the productions. He’d read her the riot act about “behavior unbecoming a minor deity”, and how no nymph he was living with would go from his bed to have sex with a human on television, even if it was simulated.

“I didn’t actually quit. I transferred to production instead.” She grinned happily. “I’m a director and they told me I could produce my own script.”

The god didn’t look happy about the situation. “I’m not sure I want you there at all, even if it is behind the camera.”

Nina’s heart sank. She’d worked hard to get promoted to production and didn’t want to give it up. Once Pan dumped her, working at LUV would be all she had left.

For a moment she considered arguing. After all, he couldn’t really tell her what to do, but then inspiration struck. “Maybe you could help me with the script. I haven’t done that much writing before.”

“You’d want Homer or Apollo for that. I’m not much of a writer.”

“But you know do how to describe sex acts and are always coming up with little skits. You do it all the time when we’re together. You know, like when we play ‘the naughty little lamb’ or ‘the shepherdess and the big, bad goat’.”

Pan grinned. “I’ve always liked being the big, bad goat.” He advanced on her, the front of his loincloth rising.

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