Mythical Seductions Collection

Present day fantasy novels where marble statues come to life, and men and women both human and otherwise learn about love - with a little help from the Goddess Aphrodite! This collection is all three of the award-winning Divine Intervention books, Violet Among The Roses, Echo In The Hall, and Nemesis Of The Garden in a convenient and money-saving package.

Violet Among The Roses - The goddess Aphrodite has made Narcissus human for two nights and a day. Will that be long enough for him to earn a place by Violet’s side?

Echo In The Hall - Trapped in a statue for several thousand years, Echo comes to life and must earn the love of a human to stay that way.

Nemesis Of The Garden - Nemesis works with Aphrodite and Pan to save the universe... and discovers true love at the same time.

The books are designed to increase in sensuality as the main characters of each successive book have more sexual experience than their predecessors. Violet Among The Roses is the mildest title while Nemesis Of The Garden is quite spicy. Still, in all three books the playful nature of the Divine Interventions series will be found.