Memories Undone

Captain Albinan barely remembers his wedding night with Livilia, the infamous ice princess of Gal, so being summoned back to her side doesn't thrill him at all. What’s worse is that all she seems to want from him is a child. Livilia isn't all that thrilled with having Albinan in her bed either, but he is her husband and her only way to maintain control of the throne.

Fortunately for the pair of them they have a goddess interested, Gillian D’Amatah. Once more the dreams the goddess brings provide the key to Albinan and Livilia rediscovering their passion, and giving them the means to have a real marriage.

He looked over to see her watching him.

“This isn’t how I expected to spend my wedding night.”

“How so?”

“Sitting in front of a fire and talking.”

Albinan shrugged “I thought… We might as well get to know each other.”

“You aren’t in a hurry to get me to bed.” For a moment he wondered if she didn’t look disappointed.

“Are you asking if I desire you?” He reached over to touch her face. “You know I do.”

“Really? You know what they say about me. They call me the ice princess.”

“They say you only married me because of my pretty face.” He stroked his unblemished cheek, still surprised at the scar’s absence.

Her blue eyes lost some of their ice and a hint of a smile curved her lips. “Do they really? Do you think your face is pretty enough to warrant my hand in marriage?”

Put that way it really was ridiculous. “Why was I chosen to be your husband? It isn’t like you didn’t have other suitors.”

Livilia looked uncomfortable. “It was my father’s idea. We needed you. You have military experience none of the others had. This business with the Tarlons, the way they’ve been crowding the border. I’m afraid there is going to be a war any day now.”

Her father had chosen him for her. So that much was true but it hadn’t been because of his looks. “So you need me to run the army. Are you saying you aren’t attracted to me?”

She was staring at her hands. “I didn’t say that.”

“Then you do want me.”

Her smile got bolder and she looked at him, lifting her head. Beneath her gown her nipples peaked, hard nubs against the thin fabric. The blue of her eyes were warmer than he’d seen before. “What do you think?”

This was his answer. This was what the goddess had wanted him to know, that he had been valued for his military skill but his wife had also desired him. She didn’t just want a man able to handle the Tarlons, or even a man with an attractive face.

He moved toward her, out of his chair and reached for her, pulling her to her feet. She fit against him, a tall woman but even so she seemed small next to him. He wasn’t the biggest man in his army, Remak held that distinction, but he wasn’t short either.

It felt good to have her next to him. Her breast pressed softly against his chest felt even better. She leaned her head back to stare into his face and there was something welcoming in her eyes, beyond desire.

That felt best of all. That was the promise he’d wanted, that there might be more than sex between them. He wanted the promise love could grow.