Memories To Come

An honorable man who never took advantage of those less fortunate, Remak once had a chance to be something other than a soldier. He met a woman and for a brief time held her in his arms, but he didn't stay in her village or return to her when he could. Now chained and abandoned in an enemy cell he regrets there will be no one to mourn him when he dies.

But the goddess Gillan hasn't given up on Remak. After all she put that woman where he would find her and she isn't pleased he threw away his chance at happiness. Through a series of sexually charged visions she moves him through time and shows him how good life as one of her people can be.

A man without hope or love, Remak must to learn her lessons before it is too late for him - the greatest lesson being that goddesses work in mysterious ways!


Five Angels – Recommended Read! – Fallen Angels Reviews  ...The love scenes are frequent, tender, and passionate. Remak and the woman of his visions enjoy soulful, spine-tingling sex, made more poignant by the fact that there is love behind every kiss and caress. Cricket Starr's Memories to Come is an outstanding story. Thoroughly engrossing and filled with rich and vibrant characters, Memories to Come is a story I highly recommend. - Tanya


Nominee for the 2004 Love Romances Golden Rose


Finalist in the 2005 Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal Awards


Finalist in the 2005 More Than Magic contest

Remak opened his eyes and for once everything had changed. He was no longer bound to a wall by the ankles and wrists—in fact he was no longer even in the prison. He was in a simple cottage bedroom like any number of bedrooms he’d been in before, although this one seemed somehow more familiar than most.

His ragged uniform was gone and even though he was naked, he was comfortably warm. Some of that was the fire burning cheerfully in the nearby fireplace. The rest was that he wasn’t alone. On the bed beneath him was a woman, warm and alive, her copper skin aglow in the firelight. He crouched over her, his erect cock leaving a damp trail on her soft belly. Red-gold hair covered the pillow beneath her head, framing her face and eyes the color of soft moss. It was the goddess’s face, except for the eyes, no longer green ice but warm and soft.

Remak stared down into her face. She seemed older than the goddess, with tiny streaks of gray in her hair and fine lines around her eyes.

Those eyes stared back at him in intense anticipation.

He glanced around and to his shock discovered that not only was the woman as naked as he was, but ropes held her arms and legs bound tight to the bedposts.

Horrified, Remak pulled back, intending to fling himself away from the bed. What madness was this that the goddess would lead him to force himself on a defenseless woman?

To his surprise the “defenseless” woman giggled. "Darling, what are you waiting for? This was your idea, you know." She stretched her arms, lifting her soft breasts upward, caressing her hardened nipples against his chest. Remak’s cock stiffened and jerked at her touch.

Her beautiful lips pouted playfully at him. "Is this part of the game, to make me wait for you?"

"The game?" He blinked. He was playing a game with this enticing woman?

"It was your idea have me play captive for you." She sighed prettily. "I'm just your prisoner now, helpless to your every command. Don't you want something from me?"

Lifting her head off the pillow, she glanced down at his cock, now full and near painfully erect. "Isn't there something I could do for you, my big strong master?"

She wanted to do something to him, while tied up? Remak’s head reeled at the possibilities.

The woman licked her lips. "I can't use my hands, but there is always my mouth."

Remak closed his own gaping mouth and considered the situation. Apparently whatever was going on was consensual and intended for the pleasure of both of them. He’d heard tales from the more experienced men in the army about games of this sort, used to spice up their love lives. He’d said one woman wouldn’t be enough, but the goddess wanted to show him how erotic an established relationship could get.

This was certainly erotic, he thought, with a beautiful and bound woman offering to suck on his cock. How could he possibly say no?

Four 1/2 Stars - Romantic Times Magazine!  In this short but emotionally affecting story, the transforming power of love changes a man's life. ...A wonderful, heartwarming story, Memories to Come will capture your heart and thrill with its sensuality. -Page Traynor

Rating 5 / Sensuality 5 – Mon Boudoir ...It’s a wonderful, erotic story about the power of love that gets straight to your heart. Remak, the strong warrior, recognizes almost too late, that you are stronger sharing you life with others. "Memories to Come” is a must read. - Tina

4.5 Stars - Just Erotic Romance Reviews ...Cricket Starr's Memories to Come is quite a heartwarming fantasy short story. Once more I find myself charmed and touched by Ms. Starr's storytelling ability. As I was reading I found myself enthralled, my emotions fully engaged, from Remak's regrets and doubts, to the goddess’ apparent lack of patience. This short story is well-rounded and didn't leave me feeling like there should have been more to it. Memories to Come is about second chances, hope, and love that will certainly appeal not only to fans of Ms. Starr but also to those of you seeking an uplifting quick fix. - Mireya Orsini

4.5 Stars – eCataRomance Reviews ...Memories to Come by Cricket Starr is an excellent quickie that leaves the reader satisfied and eager to read more from this author. Remak is a wounded soldier, both physically and emotionally, and I found myself entranced by his dilemma with breath bated as I awaited his fate. This is my first read by Ms. Starr and I found her writing both hot and interesting. She manages to write complicated characters within a beautiful story of growth, love, relationships and hope. I will definitely pick up more of Ms. Starr’s work and I highly recommend this story for a thoroughly enjoyable read. - Jacqueline

Coffee Time Romance ...Crickett Starr brings to us a delightful, erotic romance which is sure to twitch the heart of any reader. The romancing of Remak, or should I say, Talia is sure to set the mood for romantic opportunities. Although Memories To Come is a quickie, it is an enjoyable read. - Suz