Christmas With Sarah

October 26, 2014

With just two months before Christmas I've released my popular holiday novel "Christmas With Sarah" with a beautiful new cover and a nice low price. I wrote this novel at a fairly low point in my life, during the Dot-com bust of 2001, when the software industry that had given me so much hope for the future was undergoing hard times. The original title was "A Man With A Purpose" and the story focuses on my heroine Molly's requirement that the next man she'd fall in love with had to be more than a handsome face but a guy who could make a difference in the world. At first it doesn't appear my hero Greg is that kind of guy, but as Molly's boss the wise Hannah puts it, "Don't judge a man by his leather jacket."

In celebration of this new release of one of my favorite titles I've made it $2.99 for the next few weeks so if you haven't read this classic novel of mine, be sure to pick it up with its shiny new cover. It is available at most of the major ebook retailers.