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As a long time writer Janet Miller has several classes she's done over the years. These are a few she's done recently:

  • Do's and Don'ts of Erotic Romance. Are you interested in entering the booming and lucrative world of Erotic Romance writing—or maybe you just want to give your love scenes a little extra sparkle? Have you tried already to write an erotic romance only to not be satisfied with the result?  Long time erotic romance author Cricket Starr will help untangle the myths, provide the dos, the don’ts, and provide insight into what opportunities exist for publication of erotic romance.
  • Hot, Short, and To The Point – Crafting the Erotic Short Story (with Mardi Ballou).  Two multi-published erotic romance writers describe the why, where, and how of creating short erotic fiction for fun and profit. Come hear why you want to write it, where to publish it, and how to make it HOT!
  • Eroticism in Romance. It's more than sex. The trend in romance these days is getting hotter. Authors are constantly being asked to up the ante in the bedroom — or wherever the sex is taking place. But eroticism is more than language and body parts, it is the emotion that goes along with it, the words that brings the reader along for the ride. In this talk we will discuss not only the trend for hotter romance but why that is happening and what avenues exist for the writer willing to go there. 

Author of too many titles to keep track of at Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, and Red Sage including the 2004 PRISM award-winning Violet Among The Roses, 2006 EPPIE winning All Night Inn, and 2011 PRISM winning Bad Dog and the Babe, Janet Miller specializes in paranormal and fantasy erotica under the pen name Cricket Starr. Cricket Starr is the author to date of over nineteen erotic paranormal short stories, novellas, and novels, and the count goes up on a yearly basis. 

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