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New reviews of Bad Dog and the Babe

September 10, 2010

I am thrilled that my latest in the the Hollywood After Dark series, Bad Dog and the Babe, has gotten three exceptional reviews in the past two weeks, including two recommended reads/top pick from the reviewer! These are:

Night Owl Reviews: 4.5 stars and a Top Pick: "...Bad Dog and the Babe is a quick, Very Hot and easy read. I read it straight through because it was hard to put down."Eaim

Happy Ever After Reviews: 5 teacups and a Recommended Read: "...What a great book! This book is exactly what I want from my shifter paranormal romances. The hero is hot, the heroine is smart and capable. They can shift into wolves and they have hot, steamy love scenes...After reading this, I would buy anything I saw her name on and you should too!" LynnMarie

Black Raven Reviews: 4 Ravens: "...This story is a great read for those who enjoy reading both mysteries and paranormal romance." Lea!

Thank you so much Eiam, LynnMarie, and Lea! I'm so glad you liked my book.

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