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past events (April 11, 2012 - December 21, 2011)

April 11, 2012, 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm: Ellora's Cave Party

RT Booklovers Convention - Chicago

(WEDNESDAY, 9pm to MIDNIGHT) ELLORA'S CAVE Presents: Chi-Town Hip Hop Stomp & Step Party. Step out, step up and step lively with Ellora’s Cave! Hip Hop dance troupes will perform and teach percussive dances, including step, stomp, and slap. They will lead rhythms, rounds and line dances for a thumping good time not to be missed!


April 11, 2012, 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm: Intergalactic Bar and Grille - Reader Party

RT Booklovers Convention - Chicago

(WEDNESDAY, 4:45-5:45pm) Never give up — never surrender … but always party! It’s time to sell your landspeeder, get the heck off Tatooine and join us at this stellar book-lover event. Beam up to the Intergalactic Bar and Grille for some nibbles, awesome goody bags, fabulous prizes and a chance to mix and mingle with out-of-this-world authors and readers! Special sci-fi gift for the first 100 patrons in line. Hosts: Linnea Sinclair and her interstellar crew: Cie Adams (aka Cat Adams), Catherine Asaro, Marcella Burnard, Robin Hobb, Stacey Kade, Isabo Kelly, Liddy Midnight, Janet Miller (aka Cricket Starr)

RT Booklovers Convention - Chicago

(WEDNESDAY, 2:15-3:15) The hottest erotica authors today dish on writing erotic romance. Paranormal, historical, contemporary — these authors know it all. No topic is too hot, so come with your burning questions. Push your boundaries and find out what works, what’s hot and how new opportunities are opening up in the erotica world.

Captain: Sharon Page 
Panelists: Skylar Kade, Kathy Love, Janet Miller (aka Cricket Starr), Kate Pearce, Kayla Perrin


Lights Off, Eyes Closed - A new play by Liz Shannon Miller 

I'll be attending as my daughter's special guest.

Lights Off, Eyes Closed posterJane never understood her mother, or the best-selling romance novels she wrote.  But after her mother's sudden death, Jane finds herself in charge of finishing her mom's last book. With a little help from the novel's overly-passionate characters, and her mother's inescapable ghost, Jane must find a way to honor her mother's dying wish to bring romance into her life.

LIGHTS OFF, EYES CLOSED was written by SkyPilot resident playwright Liz Shannon Miller, who currently works as a writer on G4's ATTACK OF THE SHOW.  She has a BFA in screenwriting from USC, and since graduating has written dialogue for the U.S. Army, covered the online video world for the tech site GigaOM, and been published by the New York Times, Variety, Nerve and Thought Catalog. Produced theater works include SOMETHING BIBLICAL (Sight Unseen Theatre), IDEATION (3 of a Kind Theatre), NEGOTIATIONS (Black Box Theatre), JUDGEMENT and SAVE A HORSE (SkyPilot Theatre). Based in Los Angeles and a STAR TREK fan since birth, Liz found inspiration for LIGHTS OFF in her own mother's career as a romance novelist.

Directed by Meredith Berg, who earned her BFA at NYU Tisch in acting and directing. While in NYC, she directed several productions, including "Caesar" Off-Broadway, an update of the Shakespearean play for the York Shakespeare Company. She currently works in Los Angeles as a writer, director and comic-book editor.  Her award-winning short film "Void" will soon be available on DVD from Amazon and iTunes. 

Starring Mary Burkin, Samatha Carro, JR Esposito, Chera Holland, Joanna Kalafatis, and Jason Kobelius

SkyPilot Theatre Company is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering new relationships with provocative playwrights to develop the most compelling, challenging and humorous new plays for the Los Angeles theatre going audience.

December 21, 2011: New Concepts Publishing Chat


I'm going to be chatting on the NCP Chat Network on Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST (4:00 PM PST) about my Gaian books and anything else that catches my fancy. Be sure to come because I have a lot of information to share and there may be some really cool surprises as well.



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