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2012 RT Faery Ball

April 12, 2012, 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm: 2012 RT Faery Ball

RT Booklovers Convention - Chicago

(THURSDAY, 8:30pm-MIDNIGHT) Come to the gathering where the skirl of the pipes and the sweet scent of heather lures ye through the mists to the mystery and magic of the Highlands! What 'ere your clan, be it legend or lore that brings ye to the misty moors, ye be welcome one and all, to join us as we party like it's 1622!

Hosted By the Clan McFae: Amanda McIntyre, Sahara Kelly, RG Alexander, Catherine Asaro, Eden Bradley (aka Eve Berlin), Kathleen Grieve, Kim Killion, Cathy Matuszak, Liddy Midnight, Janet Miller (aka Cricket Starr)Sharon Page, Andrew Peterson, James Rollins, Susanne Saville, Faith Smith

Free from Cricket!

Confined to a motorized box-like wheelchair, space station worker Ammi thinks a future with a young Gaian man is impossible.

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