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Hot Short and To The Point

Hot Short and To The Point - Crafting the Erotic Short Story

Two multi-published erotic romance writers describe the why, where, and how of creating short erotic fiction for fun and profit. Come hear why you want to write it, where to publish it, and how to make it HOT!

Workshop outline

  1. What is an erotic short story — a definition. One hint: even at the shorter lengths the story is still a romance and not “just porn”.
  2. How short is short – What the word count is for various publishers.
  3. So, why would anyone want to write an erotic short story. What the market is, what the options are. Another hint: money is a big part of it.
  4. Crafting the quickie – how to get character development, backstory, plot, and oh, yes, SEX, into a limited word count. What works, what doesn’t, what to watch out for.
  5. Sex in a quickie. How much is too much and what to keep in mind when adding it. Using the sex scenes to map out your character and plot arc.
  6. Making it HOT! What to do to spice up a sex scene without it sounding like a bad porn movie.

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