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March 20, 2013

As my contracts with New Concepts Pulishing have been expiring I've been taking the books and republishing them with fresh editing as needed and brand new covers. This is the one for Promises To Keep, my first Gaian novel, and one I'm immensely proud of. It is rolling out to the various ebook distributors where it will be sold for $2.99, a uniform price that many readers like. 

February 18, 2013

With fresh editing and new covers, my award-winning series Divine Interventions is now available at Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, and other places. In addition to releasing the three novels individually I've also combined all three into a convenient and money-saving collection: Divine Interventions

January 6, 2013

My free short story, The Girl In The Box, has won a prize: http://kathysreviewcorner.com/corners/1301Gems.html

Kathy named my short story one of her "gems" of 2012. In honor of the awards she's holding a drawing for people who join her newsletter: http://kathysreviewcorner.com/newsletter.html

My prize for the drawing is a print copy of Promises To Keep, the first of the Gaian novels so be sure to join her newsletter. 

December 4, 2012

The holidays are here, people are spending money on all sorts of gifts and so to help with a little holiday cheer, I'm making The Girl In The Box free.  Get it today at your favorite ebook store.


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